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Twenty years ago the weight and impact of those three words completely numbed my emotional and physical response. Stage IV Advanced Lymphoma at age 40 was something I'd never imagined. Life instantly shifted from work to a hospital bed for 8 months of intensive chemo, 6 blood transfusions, 3 months in quarantine, and 2 bone marrow procedures. The outlook wasn't favorable.

Dean Kliewer at the top of Elk Mountain in Chilliwack BC.

In life, some things are unexplainable. Healing can often defy what we might consider a rational explanation. After a year of treatment, encouraging news finally arrived. It marked the start of a long and arduous rehab and recovery time. It was during that period that we found ourselves immersed in the study of the immune system. Today I feel blessed to say I'm 100% recovered.

As an advocate for vibrant living, I'm standing as living proof that the journey toward optimal health is possible at any age.  ~Dean

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