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Remember the days when dropping 5-10 lbs seemed easy to do? What happened? Aging bodies is what happened. When you truly understand your body and its aging process, you can move forward with confidence. 

We're Dean & Toni Kliewer

Having surpassed the 'half-century' milestone, we’re a lot closer to sixty than we'd like to believe. Living and working in one of the Blue Zones of the world for two decades (Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica), helped shape our view of what longevity looks like. Blue Zones are regions in the world where people live significantly longer and healthier lives.

Dean & Toni Kliewer in living in Nosara, Costa Rica.

"We intimately understand the struggles and challenges faced in reclaiming one's health, having successfully navigated our own personal journeys towards well-being."

Dean Kliewer
Toni Kliewer


We’re driven by a shared passion for empowering the 50+ age group on their transformative journey toward optimal health and wellness. With a website tailored to those needs, our goal is to provide a valuable resource and community for the 50+ers who are seeking guidance and inspiration in this stage of life. 


We’ve collaborated with top writers in the health field to create a book series titled LIFE AFTER 50 available on Amazon with over 6,000 books ordered to date. Our efforts have resonated with a social media following of over 13,000 who trust us as their link to healthy living.

Through sharing our experiences, we offer authentic guidance, unwavering support, and practical tools to those embarking on a similar path.

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